Our Story

Welcome to Zack and Co Designs!

I make beautiful handmade and laser cut gifts and keepsakes, as well as a gorgeous range of personalised textiles. My range of bespoke products are all made by me in my Melbourne studio.

My journey to get here has been long and tough, my passion for crafting began after the sudden passing of my son, at the tender age of 9. Through my grief and loss, I turned to crafts to quiet the noise in my head. I purchased a vinyl cutter and armed with lots of ideas, set about trying to put my energy into creative pursuits.

Keeping busy was important for survival and before I knew it, I'd added several other machines to my collection. Making beautiful treasures for others bought me some joy and allowed me to express myself. I was grateful for the positive support I recieved and this has spurred me on. My small business began by selling blanks to support other small business, but my passion is for creating beautiful, personalised treasures.

Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you love what you see.

Allison xx



Registered ABN: 40 830 531 949